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In House Program is for boys in Pre-K  - 2nd Grade (Age limit is 4 years old as of March 1st, 2022)

Cost is $75 (1st & 2nd Grades)  $50 (K & Pre-K)

Principles / Goals -

  • Teach the fundamentals of lacrosse in a fun but competitive environment

  • Allow for new players to gain experience gradually

  • Allow for experienced players to advance their game through appropriate competition


Players must provide their own equipment including Helmet, Gloves, Elbow Pads, Shoulder Pads, Stick, & Cleats.  A reversible jersey will be given to your son at the first practice which he will use in games.  Please see the equipment policy for more information.

1st/2nd Grade Structure –

March – Sunday’s Only

  1. Sunday ‘Clinics’ to include instruction, drills, mini games.  Clinic will last for 75 minutes

  2. Teams of equal skill will be chosen to create in-house teams of 8-10 players per team

April  & May–  2x Per Week

  1. Teams will have a practice session during the week  (Weds Nights or Thurs Night) at Grace Park

  2. Teams play in-house games on Sundays 

  3. Games will be setup against non-Ridley opponents  (Springfield/Marple) when possible.

K & Pre-K Clinic Structure –

March / April /  May

  1. Clinic focused on teaching the fundamentals of lacrosse,  Clinic’ to include instruction, drills, mini games

  2. Clinic will last for 75 minutes  

  3.  Weeknight practices will be scheduled 1) if there was a rainout or 2) coach availability allows for additional clinic days